Expecting? Forget lugging around a stack of baby-names books: Finding a name for the new arrival is as easy as shaking an iPhone, thanks to Name That Baby!  (http://www.doubletapapps.com).  Created by Shona Killoughery-McKenney, a stay-at-home mom of two kids under five years old, Name That Baby! is a new iPhone application that lists thousands of baby names. Parents-to-be simply choose a gender and a starting letter, then give the iPhone a shake. Name That Baby! – which makes a gentle baby rattle sound when the iPhone is shaken — delivers a scrollable list of baby names, complete with origins and descriptions, in whatever quantity the user chooses. Another shake produces additional names, until the perfect name is found.  “I was looking through the Apple store and noticed how few iPhone applications there were for parents,” Killoughery-McKenney explained. “It occurred to me that Name That Baby! would be a fun application for expecting parents and their families and friends. With Name That Baby!, pregnant women don’t even need to buy books of baby names. Now the baby names are right on their iPhone, and they have the convenience of looking for names at the park, at the coffee shop or wherever they happen to have a free moment.”  Parents hoping for additional iPhone applications are in luck– Killoughery-McKenney plans to release her second parenting-related application in November.