Pollsters have identified “Walmart moms” as a key voting bloc. How is she planning to tackle this Christmas?  The 2008 Holiday Shopping Intentions Survey*, conducted on behalf of Walmart, was designed to learn what’s on America’s Christmas list this year, what the gift buying priorities are for this coming Christmas season and the attitudes of the muck talked about Walmart mom.  Some highlights:

  • Walmart moms are more likely than the average American to have already started making their Christmas shopping lists.  More than one-third of Walmart moms (31 percent) have already started making their Christmas lists versus about one-quarter of Americans overall (23 percent).  In fact, three-in-ten Walmart moms are planning on starting their Christmas shopping a full three months earlier this year (39 percent vs. 9 percent overall).  Walmart moms are more likely to start purchasing presents earlier to help stretch their budget, but are less likely than average Americans to purchase less expensive items and/or fewer items for people on their lists.
  • Walmart moms are less likely to drop someone from their Christmas list this year than Americans overall.
  • The top two desired gifts among Walmart moms are electronics (27 percent) and home improvement (22 percent).
  • Among Walmart moms, lower gas prices (30 percent) and bringing the troops home (26 percent) are the most desired Christmas presents from the President-elect.

To assist moms now searching the web for advice on smart spending this season, Walmart is helping them stretch their dollars with an Online Chat on October 9 on http://www.walmart.com/elevenmoms. The chat, starting at noon central time through 2 pm, will offer questions, answers and advice on holiday planning with select members of its Money Saving Moms community, well known for their blogs on frugal saving tips and ideas.