DueMaternity.com has officially entered the world of social media marketing, and tapped PopularMedia, Inc. http://www.popularmedia.com to help its customers reach out to her friends and family in real-time to get feedback on its maternity fashions.  With the increased adoption of online shopping, especially by women, the once social experience has been reduced to a very solitary act that no longer provides the shopper an opportunity to share, connect and get advice. On top of that, shopping for maternity clothes can be a trying experience, one where expectant moms could use some guidance from friends and family. Now with PopularMedia SocialNotes, Due Maternity is giving their customers a chance to reach out to her friends and family and engage in conversation about products–taking the experience far past simple sharing.  “Due Maternity has always provided a community where customers can set up their registry wish lists, share information with friends, and learn a lot about her next nine months,” said Shannon DiPadova, founder of Due Maternity. “Prior to adding SocialNotes to our site, we enabled sharing just as most sites do, with a simple “email a friend” link that would pop an email form. Hardly social in today’s instant messaging world of “twitters and IM”.  With PopularMedia SocialNotes, Due Maternity offers an innovative way for customers to interact with their peers through email, social networks or blogs, making it easier to connect with her friends and family for instant conversations. Visitors are able to easily share thoughts on education, skincare and fashion directly within the site through the easy to use SocialNotes feature as seen with products like the Best Birth DVD http://www.duematernity.com/bestbirth.html.  SociaNotes also provides the ability to measure and analyze sharing, helping clients like Due Maternity understand what products are most popular, lending insight into merchandising and promotional efforts.