Do you remember your mother telling you to wash your hands, saying, “A little soap and water never hurt anybody?” Based on findings from the Dial Complete(R) brand’s Campaign for Clean Hands survey, you remember quite well. When asked, “When you were a child, who taught you proper hand washing?” 76 percent of the individuals surveyed answered their mother was responsible for teaching them to wash their hands. “Discovering that mothers are the number one influencers in teaching children to wash their hands reinforces the point that, in most instances, ‘mother knows best’,” said Juan Serrano, senior brand manager, the Dial Complete brand. “To help parents in their efforts to teach their children about hand washing, Dial Complete foaming hand wash has launched the Campaign for Clean Hands, a program designed to engage and educate families about the importance of proper hand-hygiene.” The centerpiece of the Dial Complete brand’s Campaign for Clean Hands is an informative Web site — — that features a Campaign for Clean Hands video contest for kids; an online “DC Germ Blaster” video game; and a variety of fun, educational hand washing materials parents can print and share with their children, including a home hand washing chart, coloring and activity sheets, bookmarks and a memory game. The site also features a sweepstakes visitors can enter to win a year’s supply of Dial Complete foaming hand wash.