What age is too young for a cell phone? How can I monitor my teenager’s activity online? What are the best web sites for tweens? What video games are right for my kids?  These are just a sampling of the types of issues and answers that can be found at http://www.theonlinemom.com, a new website that provides parents with the knowledge, advice, and tools they need to share in and contribute to their children’s ever-expanding digital world. The site is being launched by The Online Mom, LLC, a company founded by tech devotee and parent, Monica Vila — the “Chief Technology Mom” — who is recognized for keeping consumers at the forefront of technology through the DigitalLife exhibitions she co-founded.  Presented in an organized and practical style, TheOnlineMom.com offers explanations and analysis of all the digital products and Internet services that are now so much a part of every child’s daily life. From texting to social networking, from digital cameras to video game consoles, from Flickr to Wikipedia, TheOnlineMom.com explains how it works, what the choices are and, more importantly, what the positives and negatives are for today’s children.  “It is becoming increasingly impossible for parents to look the other way as their children become more and more immersed in digital technology,” says Vila.  “We found that many parents feel ill-equipped to provide the same level of input and guidance in the tech space as they do in other aspects of their children’s development. TheOnlineMom.com gives them a lifeline to a constantly changing world that might be unfamiliar to them but is one which their children are experiencing on a daily basis.”