Sometimes the convenience of online shopping just isn’t convenient enough, and items get left in shopping carts. When that happens, e-retailer sends harried moms a gentle reminder. And they boost revenue doing it.  As with many online retailers, experienced high abandoned shopping cart rates. MarketingSherpa estimates the average cart abandon rate for e-commerce sites is nearly 60 percent.  Companies anxious to respond to customer behavior in very meaningful and targeted ways have found that optimizing the integration between their email marketing and Web analytics platforms delivers strong results. By integrating Coremetrics LIVEmail with Silverpop, was able to achieve a strong revenue boost. Items are held in’s abandoned carts for two weeks, and no enticements such as discounts or sale promotions are part of the “come back” email marketing program.  “Because our customers are mostly moms with young children, they lead pretty hectic lives,” said Matt Lindenberg, assistant director of marketing for “They probably got pulled away from their online shopping to tend to their kids. Our reminder emails show that we noticed their cart additions and remind them to return to to finalize their purchase.”  The program has delivered solid results. In May, sent out thousands of abandoned shopping cart messages. The open rate for this campaign was 48% higher than any previous campaign and the click-through rate was 78% higher. Additionally, the net conversion rate was 129% higher than any previous campaign.  Naturally, Lindenberg is very pleased with the abandoned-cart campaign. “Once you develop a program like this, it runs automatically and in the background. Since abandoned carts were essentially all lost orders, the additional revenue generated is gravy,” he said.