Young moms nationwide have depended upon DailyCandy Kids’ free national e-mail edition for the latest scoop on kids’ products since 2002, and those in select cities have enjoyed local insider tips since last fall. Now, parents in seven more cities can stay in the know with the launch of local Kids editions on September 15 in Atlanta, D.C., Dallas, London, Miami, Philadelphia, and Seattle, as they can now receive a weekly heads-up on the hottest parenting trends and latest tot treasures right in their own backyards. “With the successful launch of the Kids edition six years ago, moms from all over have been very enthusiastic about receiving the scoop with localized content from DailyCandy Kids in their own cities,” said Lindsey Gladstone, DailyCandy Kids editor. “We are thrilled to provide the best tips on new & undiscovered events, products and services in these seven new cities where there is so much to see and do for both moms and their kids.”