It’s a common parenting dilemma. Moms want to teach young children to give back to the community, yet most say barriers exist to getting started, according to a new national survey of moms. The new 2008 Quaker Youth Volunteerism Report found that nearly two-thirds of moms nationwide want to guide their children to volunteer, but they’re not aware of community volunteer opportunities for younger children (69%); they don’t have enough time (44%); and they don’t know how to make it fun and relevant for their kids (45%).  To give moms a way to expose their children to doing good deeds for their community, Quaker developed the Birthday Party with a Purpose kit as part of Quaker’s Kids Doing Good Campaign and its continued partnership with Kids Care Clubs, a leading national youth volunteerism organization.  “Whether it’s a ‘pirate party’ where kids put together treasure chests to donate to a children’s hospital, or a ‘green party’ where kids plant flowers for a nursing home, the Quaker Birthday Party with a Purpose kits provide a simple-to-use format for moms and are fun for kids,” said Kathy Saulitis, director of Kids Care Clubs. “As a mother of three, I know how important it is to serve as a role model for kids as they grow up, starting at an early age. Kids naturally have an instinct to help, and reinforcing this early in life is very important.” To receive Quaker’s Birthday Party with a Purpose kit, moms send in the completed mail-in request form available at, along with four UPC codes from Quaker Chewy Granola Bars or Quaker Granola Bites. While on the website, moms can also find free volunteer-themed birthday party materials, ideas and information on how they can help get their kids involved in volunteering.