It’s 7 P.M. — do you know where the working parents are? Nowadays they’re still in the office, pulling double-shifts, working extra hours and picking up new jobs so they can pick up the tabs (and mortgages, car payments, grocery bills …) that have inevitably increased due to the nation’s difficult economy. While moms and dads are forced to make ends meet, affordable childcare becomes the saving grace (and Holy Grail) for working parents, now more than ever.  recently conducted a survey using its database of hundreds of thousands of parents and sitters nationwide and found shocking statistics on how the state of the economy truly impacts families across the country when it comes to work habits and childcare.  Sittercity members cite economic woes as the catalyst for the following changes in their daily lives:


  • 42 percent of parents are working additional hours at their current job
  • 27 percent of stay-at-home parents are now going back to work
  • Eight percent of working parents have taken on a second job

“We often run surveys among our members to ensure we have a continual understanding of their challenges and needs,” said Genevieve Thiers, founder and CEO of “This particular survey shines a bright spotlight on the struggles of working parents and, because it’s simply impossible for parents to be in two places at once, also reminds us how crucial it is for today’s families to find affordable childcare options that don’t have them digging deep into their pockets.”  While local nanny agencies charge anywhere from $400 to $2,500 to search for a nanny, a membership, which enables parents to search through a database of hundreds of thousands of local nannies and sitters, is a fraction of the cost and allows over-worked parents to use an inexpensive, reliable childcare alternative to ensure their children are well cared for while they’re spending those extra hours at work.