In recognition of the increasingly hectic schedules parents face, Center’d — the planning site that ties together local search, community and planning tools in one place — has announced that it has launched a new set of innovative group planning features that will help busy parents manage their family and school activities just in time for back-to-school season.  People can use Center’d to easily organize both family-centric activities (e.g., carpooling, family trips) as well as larger functions that require volunteer coordination, like school events or team practices. In addition to the search, planning and social networking tools already available from Center’d, new features and functionality released today include:

  • Volunteer Sign-Up Lists: Center’d enables individuals, schools or organizations to easily recruit and manage the people they need to get things done, even for complex recurring tasks. After setting up a sign-up list and associated tasks, Center’d automatically sends participants email reminders to participants, and relevant alerts to organizers.
  • Shared Calendaring: This new feature gives people a quick snap-shot of all their events and tasks from friends and organizations in one place.  People can choose which calendars they want to view, and share their calendar with important people like family members. The new sign-up list tool integrates the shared calendar feature so people can easily track their tasks.
  • Social Search Enhancements: Back-to-school is also a time when parents exchange recommendations, from which healthcare professionals they like, to information on after-school activities. Now, in addition to using ratings from across the Web, search results will also be weighted according to the places that people’s friends have saved or tagged, providing a more relevant and personalized local search experience.

“Every day I hear from moms confirming that they feel overwhelmed with the amount of activities they have to organize during the school year,” said Amy Keroes, co-founder of and multi-tasking expert.  “Not only do they have to stay on top of their own family’s activities, but many of them are also required to volunteer at their school and help plan events for their kids’ groups. It’s great that companies like Center’d are coming to the rescue and helping busy parents plan and organize complex group events that require a lot of time and volunteer coordination.”