The Gannett moms sites, which together attract close to 1 million moms, will be moving to the Ripple6 platform in the coming weeks as Gannett creates a nationwide network of local moms communities. Instead of creating a traditional corporate blog and promoting it or waiting for customers to come visit, Ripple6’s new service syndicates those messages across the web to users in the communities where they regularly visit, engage and communicate. Ripple6 and Gannett are offering a pilot program to select marketers that will launch on sites fourth quarter. The program includes a combination of social media tools, community syndication, ad impressions and access to Ripple Analytics insights.  “We think this is a tremendous way for brands to begin building open relationships with consumers in social media,” said Josh Resnik, vice president of strategy and business operations for Gannett Digital. “Now users of the Gannett moms sites will have the opportunity to develop a relationship with their brands their way — by getting valuable information and savings from brands, community opinions, tips on the products, providing their feedback and opinions to the brands, plus much more – all within the local communities where moms come to connect with each other.”