New moms may spend 800 to 1000 hours nursing their baby in just the first year. While nursing is a wonderful bonding experience, and clearly best for the baby, it can also be sometimes boring and isolating. In response to suggestions from nursing moms, created services to entertain or enlighten these caring moms, services that moms can use with only one hand while the other is holding her baby.  “Each year in the United States, 3 million women spend around 1.6 billion hours breastfeeding or pumping,” said Victor Babbitt, president of “With a baby in arms, these moms generally only have one hand free, so typical web services, that require typing or password entry, are difficult for them. We view this new section as a framework for the future, providing fun and entertaining services that dedicated moms can use with only one hand,” continued Babbitt.  On ‘While You’re Breastfeeding Or Pumping,’ nursing moms can keep up with celebrity breastfeeding moms, view slide shows with thousands of the best baby pictures, and watch ‘Mommy TV’: channels of streaming breastfeeding related videos. Also available is ‘Kid Fun’ where mom can print out coloring books for the toddler at her knee, or play an assortment of games and puzzles.