The moms are taking over on Discovery Health’s Web site (, as maternal fitness experts from StrollerFit Powered by mommymuscle, the nation’s premier mom and baby fitness company, begin blogging all about motherhood. The blog features StrollerFit president Mary Beth Knight and a host of StrollerFit franchisees from around the country, including a childbirth educator, an exercise physiologist, a counselor and more. Mothers all, they will blog from their personal experience and expertise on a variety of mom-friendly topics, like postnatal depression, getting your body back after twins, losing that low-belly sag, bedrest and much more.  StrollerFit’s “Get some mommymuscle(R)!” blog can be found at and will be updated daily.  In addition to the blog, Knight will offer regular podcasts on maternal fitness topics for downloading at .  “The StrollerFit experts are the perfect information resources for users,” said Mary Beth Dale, vice president of Digital Media for Discovery Health. “Many new and expecting mothers come to our site every day to learn about the latest trends in parenting and personal health – the StrollerFit experts are a wealth of information in these categories.”