There are many resources for new parents who have questions about their babies or want advice and tips from other moms, but few are aimed specifically at parents of twins or multiples. Pampers is helping to fill this void by partnering with authors Christina Boyle Cush and Cathleen Stahl, known as the “Twin Set Moms,” for the launch of their new book Twin Set.  Pampers will feature exclusive content from the book on its Web site as well as offer a free copy of Twin Set, along with valuable coupons redeemable for more than $20 worth of Pampers products especially for moms of twins for a limited time only at  The twin birth rate has increased 74 percent since 1980 and an estimated 1.3 million sets of young twins are expected in the U.S. by 2010.    “Parents of twins go through twice as many diapers and wipes than parents of single babies, so the products they use really have to stand up to the task,” said Kirk Perry, North American vice president and general manager for Pampers. “Pampers is excited to work with the Twin Set Moms and to continue to provide valuable resources for parents and babies — including parents of twins and multiples — via Pampers products and”