Staples, Inc. is launching its back-to-school advertising and marketing campaign by empathizing with the economic anxieties of the American shopper.  The new 15-second TV spots, created by McCann Erickson, New York, use humor to establish Staples’ low-price position and reinforce the brand equity of the iconic Staples® Easy Button®. The commercials began airing nationally on Sun., July 27, 2008. Targeting both moms and teens, Staples is speaking honestly and realistically to customers faced with rising prices of jeans, groceries and gasoline. “Like everyone, Staples is sensitive to the state of the economy and concerns of our customers,” said Shira Goodman, executive vice president of marketing at Staples, Inc. “Our entire back-to-school campaign underscores the fact that Staples offers a wide assortment of products at great prices. We’re offering parents an affordable solution to help save money for life’s other necessities – like gas for your car.”