Job and income loss, spiraling gas prices, and growing residential insecurity top the list of sources of family stress, according to a briefing report presented to the Council on Contemporary Families. “Families and the Current Economic Crisis,” submitted by Evergreen State College Professor Stephanie Coontz and CCF research intern Valerie Adrian, examines the maelstrom of financial dilemmas facing Americans today, along with the far-reaching human impact.  We know financial stress is bound to family stress; Coontz and Adrian report what that family stress looks like in today’s economy. This detailed report is available at  As historian Coontz comments, “shared struggles can bring families and neighborhoods closer, but when people experience setback after setback without a larger picture of what is going wrong or any strong confidence that society as a whole is committed to doing something about it, family life and neighborly solidarities can quickly deteriorate. This report is a call for researchers and policy-makers to examine the full effect of our current economic climate on today’s families — and on the prospects for our youth.”