The best tool for protecting your family while surfing the Internet just got better! Bsafe Online’s latest version gives parents more control over their children’s social networking sites. Now instead of having to either completely block or allow sites like MySpace or Facebook, parents can selectively allow only approved pages within the site.  “How to manage these popular sites is one of our most frequently asked questions,” says Bsafe Online CEO Joe Gregory. “Social networking sites can be a lot of fun for kids and very useful. But just like most technology, there can be some very dark, even criminal behavior taking place on these sites. I’m pleased we’ve come up with a solution.”  Bsafe Online’s Internet filter can be configured differently for each member of the family. The administrator can choose to block or allow websites in more than 30 categories. As always, Bsafe Online’s other capabilities including Instant Message monitoring, tamper-proof reporting, time-of-day settings and the ability to block the transmission of personal information, means your family will be protected from not only pornography, but predators and cyber-bullies as well.