Dubbed a ‘parenting site for non-parents,’ SavvyAuntie.com has launched in Beta form and provides numerous ways for Aunts to connect and become savvier about kids and what kids love, so they no longer have to rely on a mom or a parenting guide for advice. Through Expertise, Activities, Gifts and Community designed just for Aunts and their perspective, the site provides all the tools Aunts need to get savvier and share their savvy knowledge with other Savvy Aunties.  The launch of SavvyAuntie.com comes at a time when the traditional landscape of American women is shifting. “The image of ‘Woman’ as a mom with 2.1 kids is radically changing,” says founder and CEO Melanie Notkin. “It’s estimated that today, non-moms represent 50% of American women, and that number continues to grow.”   Regardless of why these women do not (yet) have kids, children are front-and-center in their lives.  “At Savvy Auntie, we call this emerging demographic of American women: “PANKs – Professional Aunts, No Kids,” says Notkin.  “PANK is the new pink; it’s the new, modern segment of women finally getting the attention it deserves through Savvy Auntie – the first online community for Aunts.”