Like so many Americans, Kyra Cavanaugh had the typical 9-to-5 job – complete with casual Fridays, Monday meetings and working lunches. Then her kids came along, and things got more complicated. Over the course of 10 years, Cavanaugh tried almost every incarnation of work available, looking for the perfect fit, including full-time, part-time, telecommuting, compressed work weeks, freelancing, and even being a stay-at-home mom. Through it all, as she aspired to feel valued at work, she began to see she was not unique in her struggle. Why, wondered Cavanaugh, could there not be a resource to provide support and bring together individuals looking for flexible work situations with companies willing to provide them? In response to that need, Cavanaugh recently launched her new company Life Meets Work.  Life Meets Work offers information, resources, online community and a job board. Through dedicated content, the site seeks to address the needs of individuals in various stages of life, including young professionals, caregivers, Baby Boomers, and employers. Their online job board offers flexible job seekers the opportunity to post résumés and search jobs posted by employers. Each position is reviewed by Cavanaugh and her staff to ensure it meets their flex criteria.  Life Meets Work projects more than 50 million people will be seeking flexible work over the next 10 years. “Companies that fail to address flexible work options will be overlooking some of the best talent available and will be at a distinct recruiting disadvantage,” says Cavanaugh. “With the talent pool consistently getting bigger, companies should think about flexibility as a potential benefit for all employees, not just as a perk for high-performing workers.  Organizations that offer flexibility experience increases in loyalty and productivity, reduced turnover and save money.  Families experience reduced stress and improved health for both parents and their children.”