, a social networking site designed for new families, has announced the 2.0 version of their website and the launch of their new video network service. Employing the latest video upload and playback technology, the site allows customers to easily and quickly create video libraries of their new family.  “Our site has a big social network feel, focused on the new family arena,” said co-founder James Rivera. “It’s high tech, with a soft touch. But, most importantly, our site is safe, private and secure, attributes not always found on other social networking sites.”  Boasting many tools found on the mainstream sites, such as customizable profiles, group formation and calendars, also allows moms to connect with other moms via live chat. BabySpotters also can post ‘baby blurbs,’ a Twitter-like micro-blogging feature and, of course, can store as many photos and videos of their new family as they want.  “Of course, if moms want to share their little bundle of joy with the world, we also provide an easy tool to upload their videos to just about any network,” Rivera said. “We’ve transformed the traditional baby book into a digital network of baby photos, videos, milestones, growth charts and journal entries, all posted in one, centralized site.”