In this age of web 2.0, more parenting conversations are happening online. One new website has opened up these conversations for a segment of parents typically ignored by media — dads. was launched by Chicago suburb resident Tony Chen in April 2008 because, “I needed it myself.” Chen continues, “There are so many questions I faced as a new father, and I had nowhere to turn. I decided to start a web community I would be passionate about using myself.”  Since the launch two months ago, hundreds of dads have started conversing on everything from good scotch recommendations to bringing out the leader in your child to military dads adjusting to family life.   While numerous websites exist for moms, websites exclusively for dads are few. As more and more of America’s 25 million dads take a more proactive role in parenting, and more dads choose to stay at home (some estimate 300,000 stay-at-home-dads), websites like fulfill an important niche.