For consumer companies who have been facing increasing scrutiny in marketing directly to kids and marketing through schools, School Family Media, Inc.’s 2008 Survey of Moms’ Attitudes About Marketing and Advertising in Schools strongly suggests that they can actually go “back to school” – as long as their marketing and advertising is focused on the parent, aka. Mom, and not the student.  The survey shows that moms, while still skeptical of through-school marketing programs targeting students, are open to constructive, parent-focused, out-of-the-classroom marketing programs.  More than 92% of those surveyed found corporate-sponsored materials and samples distributed to parents at parent-attended school events to be acceptable.  Conversely, respondents affirmed a very low tolerance for through-school marketing and advertising targeting students directly.  Only 9% of respondents found ads on school buses acceptable and less than 34% found ads on book covers acceptable. Even free curriculum materials containing only a corporate logo were found acceptable by just 50% of respondents.   The School Family Media research reveals that consumer marketers need not fear that they are trespassing on school grounds if they shift their focus from targeting kids to connecting directly with parents via mutually beneficial programs that are relevant to and supportive of the school community,” said John Driscoll, vice president of business development, School Family Media, Inc.