Moms-to-be live a life free of caffeine and cocktails and are often left sipping cool glasses of tasteless water as their beverage of choice.  While companies have been scrambling to provide new moms with yummy beverage alternatives, one company has moved beyond just creating a great tasting and healthy drink and has actually created an entire community for moms to learn and connect with one another.  Glow Mama is a kiwi-inspired fruit drink brimming with the vitamins and minerals new moms need most such as fiber and vitamin C and is also the theme of their interactive website that includes mom support groups, blogs and recipes for “mocktails” (I actually tried the “Peachy Gingertini”—delicious!).  Endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association, Glow Mama strives to do more than just keep new moms hydrated, they are giving moms what they need most:  support, encouragement and friendship.  According to their site, “We strive to make our website and events friendly places where moms can connect with each other for confidence.  We want you to hydrate and relate, so you’ll radiate.”