McDonald’s seems to be giving moms what they want: full disclosure on how the food they give to their family is made.  Recently, the Moms’ Quality Correspondents became the first customers to tour a McDonald’s U.S. poultry facility for Chicken McNuggets and other premium chicken menu items. The tour took place at Keystone Foods, which has been a McDonald’s supplier partner since 1969 and helped develop the first Chicken McNugget in the early 1980’s. The Moms were granted unprecedented access to learn how their families’ favorite chicken menu items are made, including Chicken McNuggets and the new Southern Style Chicken Biscuit and Sandwich.  Throughout the tour, the Moms met with McDonald’s Supply Chain and Quality Assurance teams, as well as experts from Keystone Foods who support the fully integrated process from farm to fork.  The Moms’ Quality Correspondents (MQC) are a group of everyday moms who go behind-the-scenes to explore the quality and nutritional value of McDonald’s menu items, and share what they learn with other moms and interested parties. 


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