For new moms in California balancing healthy eating with an active, challenging lifestyle just got easier.  Susan’s Healthy Gourmet, which is available for pick-up or delivery in select cities throughout the state, offers a variety of gourmet, nutrition-packed meals, snacks and desserts for new mothers who need to continue an increased intake of calcium, iron, folic acid and complex-carbohydrates.  Meals are individually packaged, calorie controlled and low in fat, sodium and cholesterol. “Even after delivery, a new mother needs extra care and nutrition to help her body recover,” said Carissa Rivas, B.S., nutritionist for Susan’s Healthy Gourmet.  “A healthy diet helps a new mother lose baby weight and provides the energy that she needs to look and feel her best.”  And for “not so new” moms with older kids and even busier schedules, the company also offers Kid’s Backpack Lunches and Busy Bee Dinners.