Parents and kids are doing more together, talking more often, and talking about tougher issues, according to a study by Just Kid Inc., the leading research, strategy and new product firm focused solely on kids 2-12. In the study, 59% of mothers surveyed said there’s much less of a generation gap today than existed a mere generation ago. “We probed the parent-child relationship from a wide range of angles, just as we always do,” said George Carey, founder and CEO of Just Kid Inc., “and every signal points to parents and their kids being far closer and more like peers today than the parents we studied were with their own parents. A dramatically different parent-child relationship is emerging.”


The study found parents discussing far more difficult issues with their kids than they ever discussed with their own parents. 51% of parents said they listen to their children more than their parents did, while 53% said they also spend more time talking to their children.  The project unearthed several intriguing marketing insights:

·        82% want to see more products and services designed for the whole family to enjoy

·        80% want to find more fun things to do together as a family

·        93% of parents have specific TV shows they enjoy watching with their kids.  Most popular for kid/parent togetherness: “American Idol”