DECA has announced the launch of, a new professionally produced video site, dedicated to providing the missing link in the world of mom blogs and informational web sites — light-hearted commentary and humor. The new site addresses topics only moms can truly appreciate in a fun and irreverent style.  The site is hosted and conceptualized by Daphne Brogdon, TV host, comic, writer and Hollywood producer, who currently hosts TV Guide Channel weekly series “The Fashion Team” and regularly appears on CNN Headline News “Showbiz Tonight.” Daphne offers her candid opinion about aspects of her personal life and those greater issues all moms deal with, but don’t discuss. Some of segments debuting at launch will include, ‘I Hate This Book,’ ‘Food Fanatic Moms,’ ‘Water Cooler,’ ‘Mother’s in law Day’ and ‘Dining with Kid in Tow.’

CoolMom is backed by DECA, a digital entertainment studio that finances, develops, markets and distributes unique, high-quality digital entertainment properties. “The world of Mom Bloggers is robust and full of content, but there seemed to be an opportunity for unfiltered, entertaining video,” said Michael Wayne, CEO and co-founder, DECA. “We wanted to provide that missing link with a site that offers fun mom humor, from one of their own, but also provide a premium product to allow brands to reach their intended target audience in a real way.”