Children have played “house” for hundreds of years. The game is simple: youngsters create social situations and then imitate the behavior of each person involved. Playing house is not only a lot of fun, but it is also a healthy way to help children understand cultural roles and dynamics. Now, with the help of a unique toy company, playing house is more socially responsible than ever. Instead of just playing “house,” today’s children are playing “world.” Karito Kids(R) World Collection is an award-winning new line of ethnically authentic international dolls and books, designed to empower kids to become globally aware and participate in helping other children around the world. Parent company KidsGive believes that children are naturally charitable and only need to be given the opportunity. They approach this goal through a methodology that can be summed up quite simply as “the more you play, the more you give.”

Kids need no instructions to teach them how to play house. KidsGive has created a simple yet effective way to help teach children that every purchase helps another child. When a child gets their first doll, book or accessory, they receive a special code and are invited to “activate” it on the Karito Kids website, Next, the child can read about four charitable causes that KidsGive supports through Plan USA, a children’s focused charity that delivers an impressive 80% of all funds directly to programs. After learning what life is like for children in other parts of the world, they can choose the cause they want to support. KidsGive donates 3 percent of the retail price of all products to Plan USA. Over the last eight months, kids have directed donations to help other kids around the world in four causes that mean the most to them: Health, Food, Homes or School.