“In The Motherhood”, the popular online video series created by Mindshare Entertainment for Suave and Sprint, is about to take the leap to the bigger screen of TV.  After positive advertiser response during its upfront presentation of the show, Stephen McPherson, president of ABC Entertainment feels the show may be ready to go by midseason.  While marketing partnerships are not new to the world of television (think Proctor & Gamble’s soap opera creations), there has been little success with turning popular online features into popular full-length television programs.  According to a recent New York Times article, MindShare and ABC are developing separate scripts and storylines for the television series in an effort to “avoid the problems that plagued ‘Quarterlife,’ a show about Web-savvy twenty-somethings that debuted online before being picked up and rebroadcast by NBC.” 

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“ABC Bets ‘Motherhood’ Can Make a Leap from the Computer Screen”, The New York Times, May 19, 2008