Safeway Inc. has announced the launch of mom to mom™, a new line of baby products developed with the input and guidance of real moms based on what they need and want most in products to care for their babies. The mom to mom™ family of products includes over 80 items, including diapers, baby wipes, toiletries, lotions and even infant formula developed from a mother’s point of view.

“The mom to mom™ line reflects the truth of the adage ‘Mother Knows Best’,” said James White, senior vice president of consumer brands. White said the products not only meet the needs of moms and their babies, but exceed them. Along with the input that helped develop the line, parenting tips from experienced moms will be used on store displays and shelf talkers near the mom to mom™ products. Tips include “Read to your little one every day. It’s great bonding time, and it will help prepare her for school.”