The latest Adecco USA Workplace Insight survey, conducted in recognition of Mother’s Day, found that working moms (71%) are just as likely as non-parents (73%) to work late and respond to e-mails after hours, even though one-third of all workers (32%) would be less inclined to ask a working parent (male or female) to do so.  Further, even though they’re willing to burn the midnight oil with the rest of their colleagues, nearly half of moms (49%) think their companies should do more to help them achieve better work/life balance. “Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate all moms and particularly working moms given the challenges around juggling home life and career priorities,” sais Bernadette Kenny, Chief Career Officer of Adecco. “As the workplace evolves and becomes more flexible, we are witnessing that moms are becoming more confident with maintaining both their careers and family lives. However, challenges still remain, as an increasingly ’24X7-on’ culture is pushing everyone to be online at all times. Employers should pay attention to this trend and ensure that all employees — not just parents — are able to better balance work and life.”