New research by BabyCenter(R), the largest online resource for expectant and new parents around the world, and industry-leading market research company, the Keller Fay Group, reveals that today’s pregnant women and new moms engage in one-third more word of mouth conversations per day than the total public or women and almost two-thirds of these conversations include brand recommendations. This group has an average of 109 word of mouth conversations per week about products, services and brands, most of which are positive and considered highly credible by other moms.  The BabyCenter/Keller-Fay Word of Mouth Marketing Study, conducted in the first quarter of 2008, shows that 60 percent of conversations among this group carry with them a recommendation to buy, try or consider the brands under discussion and positive brand sentiment outweighs negative by a 10:1 margin. The credibility of word of mouth measured higher for pregnant and new moms than for the total U.S. public or women in every category measured. Among the mom segment, word of mouth about shopping, retail and apparel is highly impactful, with 69 percent likely to purchase based on what was heard.