Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC and BabyCenter LLC, the leading destination for new moms and expecting parents, has released a comprehensive new survey focused on “Moms Today,” which found that children’s ages and needs play a major role in when and why American families move. The BabyCenter / Coldwell Banker study, which surveyed 2,432 moms across the country on their opinions and attitudes relative to their home and family, found that a full 68% of those surveyed who moved in the last 18 months indicated they did so during their pregnancy or within the first two years of their child’s lives compared to just 13% reporting a move after their children entered kindergarten.   The primary reasons for moving included the traditional responses of more space, wanting a nicer home and being in a good or better school district. Yet other reasons cited shed light on how much a child’s school and family lifestyle play in family decisions. For instance moving for an easier commute dropped from 34% during pregnancy to 21% when their children are in grade school and job transfer moves dropped 27% to 17% after children were in school.