Beech-Nut Nutrition Corporation is taking infant nutrition to the next level, by offering a variety of “firsts” in nutritionally functional food for the baby aisle which have never been previously offered for baby food in the United States. The innovative all-natural products range from first-of-a-kind yogurt-blend fruit and vegetable juice drinks and new products enhanced with DHA, to dry cereals and jarred food varieties containing ingredients such as muesli, whole wheat and Alaskan wild salmon. In total, 17 new products will be hitting grocery store shelves, each featuring functional benefits for baby that promote healthy digestion, enhance mental and visual development, improve concentration and encourage growth, depending on variety.  “We’re extremely proud to continue our pursuit of innovation in infant nutrition,” said Christoph Rudolf, president and CEO of Beech-Nut Nutrition Corporation. “The introduction of new nutritional innovations in beverages and ingredients such as whole wheat, muesli and seafood brings nutrition to a whole new level for American babies, with more choices than ever before.”