Next Inc., an emerging leader in the sportswear products industry, has announced that it has signed a definitive fulfillment agreement with Promom Couture, best known as being the original maker of “the t-shirts that celebrate motherhood” as seen on Oprah. The Atlanta-based company’s graphic tees, with such messages as “Rock N Rule Mom,” “Grateful Mom,” “Totally Mom,” “All Natural Mom, no preservatives added,” is a selection of fun, stylish and chic t-shirts – with messages all aimed at communicating that today’s moms are vital, healthy, beautiful, balanced, together women who feel comfortable with the choices in life that they make, whatever those choices may be.   Promom Couture president and founder Vicki Stern-Brown stated in a recent press release, “We are redefining motherhood, one mom at a time. As demand for our offerings continues to increase, it was imperative that we partnered with a company like Next that understood the importance of working with us to facilitate growth while also preserving brand integrity. Their ability to provide us with a seamless fulfillment program, and their similar corporate culture including a true hands-on management style, makes them acutely aware of the importance and value of remaining true to our loyal customers and ourselves.”