UppaBaby, a stroller company launched three years ago, has hit their stride in the high-end stroller market.  In addition to combining a sleek design with ease of use, the company found their golden marketing move by getting “endorsed” by celebrities.  In 2006, the young start-up hired a NY public relations firm that placed one of their strollers in a private showroom in Beverly Hills where invited celebs could walk through and request products they liked which would then be sent to them free.  Soon, UppaBaby was sending “gifts” to celebrities such as Brooke Shields, Tori Spelling and Denise Richards.  Said Lauren Monahan, co-founder of the company, in a recent Boston Globe article, “We realized it was a big spend on public relations, but we think you get a lot more bang for the buck from PR than marketing.  It can cost $60,000 to put a one-page ad into a parenting magazine for just one month.”  Adds Janet McLaughlin, publisher of the website StrollerQueen.com, “If you get a picture of a celebrity pushing your stroller into the tabloids, it’s amazing how many people will run out and buy it.  That’s like gold.”