Recently reported in M2Moms E-ssentials, busy moms are using the Internet to help them schedule their local play dates.  And, according to The New York Times, Kimberly-Clark sees this as the perfect opportunity to connect with their core consumer.  Kimberly-Clark and its baby brands such as Huggies and Pull-Ups, recently signed on as a sponsor with, a site known for giving online help in coordinating offline meetings between groups of people with shared interests—such as parenting.  While there is a mountain of opportunity in the Web 2.0 world, there is worry that they may become over-commercialized with marketing messages and lose their appeal to consumers.  In The New York Times article, Brad Santeler, director of media and relationship marketing for Kimberly-Clark stated, “We started with feedback from Meetup members and organizers as to whether they would want a sponsor and what they would find of value from a sponsor.”  He added, “It’s very transparent.  We asked them what they wanted, and we’re providing that.”  This transparency includes the brand paying the monthly fees usually associated with the affinity groups on the site.