ECHOage wants to make children’s birthday parties more eco-friendly.  Founded by two moms, the Toronto-based company is “convenience and conscience wrapped up in a big green ribbon” says co-founder Alison Smith in a recent Springwise post.  Parents visit the site to choose from several online invitations and select a charitable organization (screened by ECHOage) they would like to support.  The invites are sent via e-mail and instead of bringing a wrapped gift, guests are asked to make an online donation of $10 to $30 with half of the money (after a 15% administration fee is taken out) going to the parent/child organization of choice and half the money going back to the parent to purchase one really special gift for the child.    According to the post “the site handles invitations, RSVPs, thank-you notes and reminders as well as collecting parent contact details and allergy information about guests. At the end, the host even gets a tax receipt for the portion of funds donated to charity.”