Cookie magazine has announced it will unveil new readers’-choice awards called “Word of Mom,” designed to recognize and award the best products and services that make moms’ lives better.  Pilar Guzman, editor-in-chief of Cookie, says, “Our research shows that moms rank other moms as their number-one source of advice — ahead of their families, the Internet, even pediatricians. We know that motherhood can be an isolating experience at times, physically, emotionally, or both. Because of this, we decided to launch ‘Word of Mom.’ Our hope is that Cookie can continue to serve as a community for like-minded moms to showcase their collected wisdom; share their approval for ideas, products and practices; and spread the ‘Word of Mom.'”  Based on readers’ submissions, the seal will appear throughout the magazine and on the website as a beacon of good advice, highlighting and canonizing moms as the experts they really are.