In their new book, The Soccer Mom Myth co-authors Michele Miller and Holly Buchanan show companies and marketers how to market to women in general, but more importantly, how to market to women as individuals. Not all women buy the same way. And almost none actually call themselves Soccer Moms.   Buchanan states, “When conducting seminars, I ask a direct question to a room filled with educated women with money and the urge to spend it. ‘How many of you consider yourself a Soccer Mom?’ The silence is deafening – rarely do one or two hands go up. If most women don’t consider themselves “Soccer Moms”, what does that say about the effectiveness of billions of dollars of advertising aimed at this group?”   The book focuses on today’s most compelling mediums for marketing to women including the Internet, blogs and word-of-mouth advertising. “Women are no longer a ‘niche,’” says Miller. “They are majority consumers, influencing 80% of all spending. The questions is no longer why market to women, it’s how.”