We recently reported on the latest Baby Einstein campaign to connect real moms and their stories with consumers and now the company has commissioned a study to find out what keeps moms from spending more quality time with their children.  No surprise that the answers point to daily chore activities such as laundry, dinner and dishes that is keeping mom away from spending more time with the kids. “These statistics caught my attention because I think they bring to life a bigger issue. Parents today are stretched thinner than ever before, and as a result, our ‘to do’ lists often end up taking priority over spending time with our children,” explains Julie Aigner-Clark, founder of The Baby Einstein Company. In an effort to help parents turn everyday jobs into quality moments of discovery with their children, Baby Einstein has added a collection of tips and articles on its website for visitors so they can find simple ideas, such as using a trip to the grocery store as an opportunity for a scavenger hunt and recognition game, or incorporating music into clean-up time to expose baby to melodies and tones.